five minute friday :: If I knew I could, I would…

luggageThe answer is always the same. If I knew I could, I would live a nomadic life. The journey would begin in Pennsylvania, where I would spend a week visiting my best good friend, letting her show off her homeland, and then I would help her pack and take her with me for the rest of the journey. We’d hop the pond to London first, then take in the majestic cliffs of Ireland and rolling hills of Scotland, then zip over to Paris for a long leisurely adventure. After that, Spain, Italy, Greece… Eastern Europe, the Holy Lands, Russia, China, Japan… and everywhere in between. A lengthy touring of Africa would follow, and then a long (long, long) holiday in Australia, the land of my lifelong dreams. We’d eventually meander back to Hawaii and Alaska, then take a casual tour of North America on one enormous road trip. Eventually we’d make it down to South America, as well, after which we’d begin the journey all over again. Just two single ladies on adventure, pen and journal in hand, cameras at the ready to capture every impression of all that we encounter.

I would if I could. Oh, yes, I would.

Five Minute Friday prompts are designed by The Gypsy Mama, challenging us to “just write, and not worry. For five minutes flat. Simply stop, drop and write. Set your words free.” [image via flickr]

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  1. can i go, too??? because it sounds amazing.


  2. Love this, really hope you get to take that journey, and when you do two things – let me know you are in Ireland, and let us all read about it on your fab blog. Nics


  3. I think if you ever get to read The Art of Non-Conformity, you would be even more inspired to take your journey…:)


  4. mmmmm…sounds delightful! I think you should DO IT!!


  5. That would be marvelous. Friends of ours did just that. They spent a year traveling much of the globe. They do not have children and had very good jobs so they decided to spend their savings on travel while they were young and energetic. They quit work, moved out of their apartment and explored for a year after many years of extensive research and preparation. They have phenomenal photos and stories to share. When they returned, one of them was able to get a job back with their company and an even nicer apartment became available through their former landlord. They were touched with lots of luck! I admire the courage it took for them to follow-through with their dreams.


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