this week I love…

1. the artistic style of Jamey Christoph. images are linked to source
Jamey Christoph
Jamey Christoph
Jamey Christoph

2. You Are My Fave where each new post is a new favorite thing. I love her ideas, but mostly I love the fact that each new thing that inspires her is a new favorite. I use “fave” all the time, for everything, and I just don’t believe there’s a reason that everything can’t be a favorite. Check out the blog where recent entries include Friday color is my fave, A book of checklists is my fave, and Operation cardigan complete is my fave. I will never again feel ridiculous for calling everything a fave!

3. the Love in the Morning series by Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky. I’m seriously considering doing this series myself sometime soon. Be sure to check out this post and this one, too. I really love her style!

When it seems the morning forgot to bring your dose of new mercies and instead shows up rude with no more coffee in the bag, love becomes a more difficult choice. It still counts when it’s easy, but it means more when it’s hard. Some mornings are like that. Difficult to see. Weary for the day. Longing for time to slow down or hurry up, depending on the list in front of you. Heat up the water and make some tea. Wrap your small hands around that steamy cup. Close your eyes when they’re not looking, and receive the abundant gift of your own belovedness.
You are the object of His affections. Declare His love in the morning.
“The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.”
— Zephaniah 3:17 (ESV)
Love in the Morning | three by Emily Freeman


4. the wedding of William and Kate, of course. I’ve heard a lot of comments about how ridiculous it seemed for Americans to find this as exciting as Brits, and yet, for me, it really was a cool, cool event. I’m old enough to remember the wedding of William and Harry’s parents, and I remember vividly the announcements of their individual births. Watching them grow up has been like checking in on distant cousins over the years. And with the death of their mother, their lives have seemed especially poignant through these adult years. So, while the monarchy itself is nothing more than intriguing to me, Prince William’s wedding was truly a special event. The best comment I saw in all the Twitterverse on Friday summed it up perfectly: “We value love and hope.” This wedding just seemed to be more about both those things than about convention or tradition. And that’s truly inspiring!
Prince William and Catherine Middleton


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