this week I love :: Snowmageddon 2011

As winter took hold across the eastern half of the United States, my little region of Texas shut down. Schools were closed for four days in a row. Ice covered the area and temperatures never rose above 22 degrees. We saw record lows of 12 degrees, and then late last night the snow came in to cover everything with a fresh new blanket of white. Most of the eastern states have experienced record depths of snow this winter, so we certainly have nothing to complain about, but this entire experience is truly mind-blowing for us. Even South Texas has received ice and snow this year! What makes it so difficult is that Texans are not prepared for such weather. We rarely see snow for more than a few hours, and even ice never lasts for more than two days, at most. We have no need for shovels and tire chains, so when winter precipitation arrives we simply shut down the cities and enjoy the day off. If icy conditions last longer than two days, however, an uprising begins to build and people in this area get grumbly and start complaining of cabin fever. It’s pretty ridiculous. And it’s annoying to people like me who love the cold and despise the sun. So you can imagine my joy this week as winter set down and hasn’t released its hold one bit. Makes me so happy!

My Georgia-bred friend Ree is one of the haters, and she coined the term “Snowmageddon” for the winter days we’ve had so far this year. Though I’m not over it all, as she is, I do love the term. For Texas to see a snowy winter for more than just one day, it does seem as if the end might be near. As far as I’m concerned, if this is the way we have to go out, then so be it. I welcome the snow and I’m quite content with extending the season all the way into April. [I’m sure my Pennsylvanian friend Cerella is cursing that statement right about now.] End of civilization or not, Snowmageddon 2011 is definitely one for the books!

Snowmageddon 2011

Snowmageddon 2011         Snowmageddon 2011

Snowmageddon 2011

Snowmageddon 2011


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