places I’d like to visit and things I’d like to do…
Travel Adventures

  1. Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Snowy Mountains, Outback excursion, Perth, Canberra, and diving in the Great Barrier Reef
  2. Ireland
  3. Scotland
  4. London
  5. Paris
  6. Rome, Florence and Sienna, Venice
  7. New Zealand, including Lord of the Rings filming locations
  8. Cairo, Egypt, with the Pyramids at Giza
  9. Jerusalem and the Holy Land
  10. Washington, D.C., when the cherry blossoms are blooming
  11. Colonial Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, Jamestown, Gettysburg
  12. Seattle, then Vancouver and Victoria
  13. Alaskan cruise
  14. Montana ranch country
  15. Yellowstone National Park
  16. Utah mountains
  17. New York City, including a Broadway show
  18. Niagra Falls
  19. Philadelphia
  20. Boston
  21. East Coast lighthouses
  22. New Orleans
  23. Kentucky (horse farm country)
  24. Los Angeles
  25. San Francisco
  26. Atlanta
  27. Nashville, then Memphis and Graceland
  28. Boston Book Festival (read this firsthand account)
  29. Puerto Rico
  30. Galápagos Islands
  31. Barcelona, then Madrid
  32. Morocco
  33. African safari (and a visit to Karen Blixen’s home)
  34. Budapest and back into Romania
  35. Tokyo (when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom)
  36. Berlin, then Munich and the Alps
  37. The Netherlands, with Anne Frank’s annex and Corrie Ten Boom’s house
  38. Nyhavn, Denmark
  39. Ellis Island
  40. experience Aurora Borealis and the Midnight Sun
  41. travel the length of Route 66
  42. go on safari in Africa
  43. travel across Southern Australia by train
  44. take a helicopter trip into the Grand Canyon

Food Excursions

  1. crab cakes in Baltimore
  2. lobster roll in Maine
  3. pizza and pasta in Italy


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