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there’s slow blogging… and then there’s me

When I first heard about slow blogging I was excited at the possibilities. Fewer posts per month meant extra time to write and curate great content, along with a relaxed pace that keeps readers engaged despite non-daily postings. Brilliant!

What I never dreamed is that my desire to join that slow blogging tribe would come to a screeching halt before I even got started. I also never dreamed that my life would be such a broken record with so much of the same happening.

There’s slow blogging… and then there’s no blogging.

I’ve become a poster child for what not to do.

pencil and notebook

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Time To Reboot

Though I’ve said it again and again over the years, I really do believe I can revive this blog o’ mine, and I aim to do just that in 2014. Over the next few weeks I hope to make some key changes to phrenetical, including a new site design, better categories, and an all-around sharper focus for my content.

I’ll continue to share plenty of life stories and personal photos, as well as movie commentary and book thoughts. These are my passions. But I’m also brainstorming ways to better weave my faith into the content. And I want this to be a community of encouragement for single adults, to share the many ways we can find fulfillment in the absence of spouses and significant others.

I do hope you’ll join me this year! Though my pace will be slower than some, I look forward to sharing my heart and engaging with you in the months to come.

What Do You Say?

What do you like most about phrenetical? Is there anything you’d like to see more (or less) of? Leave me a comment with your thoughts. I’ll be back soon!

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