Fall Readathon 2013 :: Mid-Event Survey

We read to know that we are not alone.We’ve completed 13 hours of Readathon, and I’m late on posting for the official Mid-Event Survey Too much reading is a very good thing!

  1. How are you doing? Sleepy? Are your eyes tired? Despite an early nap from 2:30-3:30pm, I’ve done so much better this time than my spring readathon (and even last fall’s event). I have actually read for the better part of 7 hours already! If I can hold out through the night I’ll have my longest reading time yet. It makes a huge difference to post my updates via Twitter instead of creating new blog posts every few hours.
  2. What have you finished reading? Nothing completed yet, but I’m more than halfway through Hemingway’s A MOVEABLE FEAST. I’ve dipped into the audiobook of Ian McEwan’s SWEET TOOTH, as well.
  3. What is your favorite read so far? I’m loving this Hemingway tale. More than I expected, in fact. But I’m anxious to finish and move on to THE PARIS WIFE by Paula McClain.
  4. What about your favorite snacks? ::sad face:: I didn’t plan any snacks, so it’s just a big ol’ bucket of randomness for food this year. However, staying with my parents means there are good meals by my mom, so I’m looking forward to pasta with pesto and grilled chicken.
  5. Have you found any new blogs through the readathon? ::shame face:: I’ve not taken any time for blog exploration yet. I’ll probably take some time to do this during the night’s wee hours.

I’m still posting regular updates on Twitter, so follow me (and other readathon-ers) there (#readathon). The night hours are definitely the best!

image via The Readables Tumblr; book titles are affiliate links

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  1. Looks like you’re doing really well so far in the read-a-thon. Keep it up! Cheers!


  2. midnightbookgirl

    No shame in not visiting tons of blogs! Readathon is like a Choose Your Own Adventure kind of books- some people cheer, some read, some blog, some Tweet, some eat… and it’s all good!




  3. Hi, just taking a break to visit a few readers. I would love to read The Paris Wife, it has definietly been on my wish list, hope you enjoy it.


  4. Nice! I think I’m doing much better than I did last year too šŸ™‚


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