Fall Readathon 2013 :: 24 hours of reading catch-up

Each of the past 4 years I’ve participated in Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon, which is held twice per year in the spring and the fall. It’s a great way to just check out from responsibilities and catch up on those books you’ve been intending to read. It’s the perfect time to introduce yourself to a great book lover community and discover new blogs to follow. It’s also incredibly fun, with hourly reading challenges and book-related prizes, not to mention the comraderie found in the other 400+ participants across the world. Whether you read for 24 hours straight or just check in and out throughout the event, Dewey’s Readathon is an awesome time.

Saturday, 12th of October, is the Fall Readathon of 2013.

I’ve made plans to participate again, and I’ve had some books on my mind for a while now, but I’m not feeling as up to it as I’d hoped. My health is still up and down, and I still find myself in a fog some days. But I’m going to do my best to join in, if only for a portion of the 24-hour period. My past readathons have been much more about blogging than reading – and last spring I was a cheerleader, which limited my reading time but was much more fun than I expected! – but this time will probably be different for me. Rather than post blog updates every few hours, I plan to make quick posts on Twitter to chronicle my progression of reading and blogging (and nap breaks). Then I’ll make a single wrap-up post on Sunday or Monday with a full timeline of my readathon activity. It’s an experiment for me, and I’m hoping this will help me stay focused on the reading more than years past.

I have 2 physical books at the ready, another ebook in the mix, and 5 audiobook options. It’s likely that I’ll need to switch things up this time around, and that, in itself, will be new for me. I don’t expect to finish any titles this time, but I hope that switching around will keep me engaged for the duration.

Scheduled* for my Fall Readathon 2013 are:

2013 Readathon TBR stack

  • A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway – my first attempt at reading Papa, but short enough that I hope to whet my appetite for more
  • The Paris Wife by Paula McClain – a fictional portrait of Hemingway’s first wife during the time of A Moveable Feast. I hope it will be a sort of companion for the Hemingway tome.
  • You Couldn’t Ignore Me If You Tried by Susannah Gora – on my readathon list for a second time, I’ll be reading this exploration of the 80s Brat Pack and John Hughes films when my attention span starts to wither and I need something more “personal.” The 80s are my era, and I’m a pop culture junkie, so this should be exactly what I need in the tough hours of readathon.

Audiobook Options:

2013 Readathon Audiobook TBR

And, of course, always at the ready is my Feedly list of unread blog posts. When my focus wanes for lengthy text, this month’s 31 Days series alone should provide enough alternative material to help me regroup.

Nolatari's Feedly
It’s never too late to join the 24-Hour Readathon. Just sign up at the official Readathon website and dive in to your To Be Read pile. You can also join us on Twitter to follow all the Readathon posts. Official Readathon start times are listed here (based on your geographic location). For me, the start time is 7:00AM, but my track record isn’t great for starting with everyone else. And that’s okay, too! Just jump in when you can and read as long as you have time to read. The fun is in knowing that people around the world are doing the very same thing.

Follow me on Twitter @nolatari and check back here at phrenetical next week for a complete wrap-up of my 7th readathon. Drop me a comment below if you’re joining in. I’d love to follow along with your progress too! Happy Reading to all!

*Titles of books are linked via Amazon Affiliates.

Throughout this month I’m participating in 31 Days, a challenge issued by The Nester to post on your blog each day in October. If you’ve missed any of my 31-day Blogging Catch-Up, you can see a list of the posts on this index page. You can also receive new posts via email by completing the form below.

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  1. Good luck today from Team Panda!


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