Camp AJ 2012 :: field trips with The Dyl

31 days of blogging catch-upAs I mentioned yesterday, Camp AJ with the last boy included a couple of fun field trips. We began with a drive to our local mall (one town over) for the specific task of visiting Barnes & Noble. The Dyl has participated in several summer reading programs throughout the years, and BN’s program is one of the best. So we set out first thing to choose the book he wanted for his reward. Being at the mall, however, also meant riding the escalators and elevator – up and down, again and again – as well as taking a ride on the indoor carousel. Lunch at the food court also meant we’d succumb to the siren call of the Disney Store, and D proceeded to create his birthday wish list by having me take photos of every item he picked up. What makes our little jaunts so much fun is that Dyl and I can start with a short list of items to do and fill up the whole day with side trips. The best kind of day!

Later in the summer we took a truer “field trip” and rode the train into Dallas for a visit to the Museum of Art. I’d accompanied him once before on a school field trip but was disappointed that he couldn’t view every exhibit. On our personal field trip we just wandered through the building, stopping when something caught our eyes and enjoying the freedom to explore at our own pace. D’s not much for the art itself, but he does like hanging out at the museum. Another little thing after my own heart!


Camp AJ 2012

First stop is always the glass elevator in the mall. He’s been fascinated with elevators for as long as anyone can remember.

Camp AJ 2012

Of course, we had to ride inside the elevator, too!

Camp AJ 2012

Escalators are just as much fun, and Dyl loved that there was one inside of Barnes & Noble. He’s holding his 3 options for summer reading reward, trying to decide which to work toward.

Camp AJ 2012

We stopped inside the Disney Store, and I was coaxed into taking photos of EVERY SINGLE toy car from the CARS collection. Dyl said they would be on his birthday wish list.

Camp AJ 2012

This was also the summer he loved LADY AND THE TRAMP, so these two little guys were added to the birthday list. I didn’t complain.

Camp AJ 2012

This day at the mall led to our next art project: creating a photographic birthday list of all the items he wanted from the Disney Store. Kind of the coolest little impromptu project ever!

Camp AJ 2012

We made one quick side trip on the way home from the mall that first day: Home of the Frisco Roughriders AAA baseball club. The gates were closed but Dyl saw the statue and just had to take a quick run around it, as if running the bases. He’s such a fun kid!



Camp AJ 2012

You wouldn’t know it from the look on his face but Dyl insisted that I take this photo of him with the red sculpture. Kids are so weird.


Camp AJ 2012

While I adore this window of glass sculptures, D is actually watching all the people in the cafe on the first floor. Unfortunately, he was less interested in the art exhibits.

Camp AJ 2012

This exhibit, though, was a hit because it is the re-creation of an actual home. Being able to roam the stairs was a huge bonus for him, as was moving through all the little furnished rooms inside the house.

Camp AJ 2012

Of course, none of the museum’s paintings or sculptures could compete with a hole in the ground of a glassed-in courtyard. Go figure!

Camp AJ 2012

Dyl was also extremely fascinated with the jumbo Lego guy in the gift shop. I guess that’s the kind of art that speaks to a 10-year-old.

Camp AJ 2012

Despite a lack of enthusiasm for the works of art, Dyl does enjoy field trips into Dallas. On this day he decided we should ride the train while sitting in the seats facing backward. No amount of sculpture can compete with that.


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