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a graduation celebration for the first boy

Welcome to Day One of the 31 Days Challenge! To kick things off I have a few untold stories to share from recent months. If you’d like to keep up with all the posts throughout this month you can go to my Blogging Catch-Up index page for a list of each new story as it’s posted.

First up, two notable events occurred this past summer: (1) moving out of my apartment without a new home secured(!) and (2) the graduation of the first boy. Since the apartment saga was scary and a true test of faith, I’d rather begin this 31 days of ketchup catch-up with the joyous family celebration.


On June 6, K2 graduated from high school with a class of 350+. Like last year when Kiwi graduated, my extended-immediate family gathered together for congratulations and celebration. Though not everyone could attend the Friday morning commencement ceremony, we all joined K2 on Sunday for lunch and simple festivities in honor of him. This is one of the things the kids will remember as they grow older – that a large part of their family was always around for celebrations of accomplishments and happy occasions. They’ll remember the trips to relatives who live far away, but I think they’ll also cherish the regular ol’ visits by their Texas grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Spontaneous reunions with my parents’ families are still some of my favorite memories, and I believe K2 and Kiwi will look back on these graduation celebrations with a grateful heart for being loved so well.

K2’s ceremony took place at a local church which hosted back-to-back commencements for surrounding high schools throughout the weekend. The auditorium was lit with his school colors of navy blue and orange, and the seats were filled with rambunctious well-wishers. Despite the number of graduates, the ceremony went quickly and smoothly. Even K2’s brother, the Dyl, didn’t get restless until the very end. I think the only “hiccup” in the whole morning was the nightmare traffic while trying to leave the parking lot! Beyond that, it was a good ceremony with no hijinks. Which is nice but also a little sad; my own high school graduation featured a handoff of hundreds of black marbles to the person shaking our hands. Harmless, but memorable. 🙂

As the procession of graduates filled the auditorium, Dyl and his dad did their best to capture video of K2’s entrance.
Though we all arrived early, our seats were still midway back into the audience. Thankfully, the large screens displayed the important parts of the ceremony, including K2’s walk.
When the ceremony ended it was time for the requisite “photos with the graduate”, and K2 was in such great spirits he never even groaned about the lengthy process. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture everyone with my own camera, but these are definitely a few of my favorites.

First up, the graduate and two of his grandparents (my parents).
This one of K2 and his mom (my sister) perfectly captures their relationship.
And this one of the graduate with his brother also gives a glimpse of their fun relationship. Dyl was celebrating his own graduation of sorts – from elementary to middle school – so he loved wearing some of the graduate gear.

Before all was said and done I was able to capture K2 in a moment of contemplation (pictured at top), and that was my favorite moment of the entire day. Even when everyone gathered together at Olive Garden that afternoon and then the remaining family members joined us for another celebration two days later, my favorite moments were those when K2 was caught reflecting on being a graduate. I think it was a special time for him, as it was for all of us who love him.

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