31 days of blogging

31 days of blogging catch-upCLICK HERE for the index of 31 Days posts for 2013

Each year The Nester challenges bloggers to write on one topic for 31 days in October. This year I’m going to attempt to keep up. I considered writing on a single topic, and then I contemplated 31 days of Untold Stories, but something else kept niggling at my brain. I’m just behind on blogging! So I’m bending the rules of 31 Days – just a bit – and using the month of October to play catch-up.

Throughout October I will endeavor to share much-delayed posts on books and film commentary, favorite photos, family events, and, yes, previously untold personal stories. The goal is one post per day, and I’ll be keeping a list on this introductory post so that each new story is easy to locate.

In 2012, over 1200 bloggers participated in the 31 Days challenge (and most of them followed the rules). I expect that number to explode again this year. Take a look at The Nester’s site for full details. You’ll also find links to every person who is writing this month.

Come back to phrenetical each day in October for new posts. You can also sign up below to have updates sent directly to your email.

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31 days of blogging catch-up on phrenetical.com

Untold Stories of 2012-2013

Faith, Life, and Fearing Not

Reading Fun

Book Commentary


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