too much fog

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When my life takes a nosedive I typically respond by checking out. Depression ain’t no little thing! Unfortunately, that means my creativity lags, motivation is nil, and all momentum ceases. I have no desire for anything, preferring to curl up in the bed and wait till the circumstances work themselves out. [Why can’t that happen without any effort on my part? hmmph]

These past 3-1/2 years have been one long span of ugly with only a few glimmers of daylight that quickly proved to not be the end of the tunnel, just small cracks in the cavern where I continue to sleep walk. And yet, as I walk through this dark valley I have learned to be grateful for those small slivers in the cave that remind me of the Light and remind me that this is only for a season.

While this blog has been quiet, the world has not stopped around me, and there are many stories to tell from these past months (and years). That will come soon, I think, but there is much I need to process before the writing can occur. I love what Elise Blaha Cripe said about not being able to read while nearing the end of her pregnancy: “Too much to think about. Too much fog.” That’s how I’ve felt for most of this year… too much fog. I’m happy that my mental state is better right now, and I’m ready to take advantage of it.

There’s just so much to document, however small it may seem at the moment. I hope you’ll join me in the next few weeks as I work toward getting back a bit of my groove. If only right here on my little cyber field journal.

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