Readathon :: Hours 17-23

Read-a-Thon bannerI started out this period of the Readathon with intentions to jump headlong into my book, but then my iPhone began ringing out a series of notifications: texts from a friend, responses from Twitter and bloggers to my own blog posts and tweets. Normally I would have ignored the updates until my regular reading break but the chirping didn’t stop. All of a sudden I had loads of response to everything I’d been posting! So I chose to put my energy back into the cheering and socializing aspect of this readathon and not worry over page counts or time spent (not) reading. I know that some participants choose to focus solely on cheering so that every blogger/reader has the support they need through the long stretches, and as the night wore on I got the feeling that this was to be my role this year. It wasn’t planned that way, but there it was. So I spent most of the past hours visting blogs and posting/replying to tweets – I’m guessing my family will wake this morning and wish they’d turned off my notifications for readathon weekend! There was a bit of reading in there, too, so this didn’t turn completely into a blog-a-thon. And now that I’ve “touched ’em all” on Team Panda’s lineup, I’m spending the final hour with my little neglected book. From what I have read so far, I think I’m going to ride this one to the end after all.

Blogs Visited This Period: 52

Time Spent Cheering This Period: 4 hours

Currently (STILL!) Reading: Murder on Astor Place by Victoria Thompson

Total Pages Read: 92

Time Spent Reading (so far): 2.20 hours

Memorable Passage: Chapter 5, Murder on Astor Place

Murder on Astor Place, Chapter 5

disclosure: all book titles are shown as affiliate links


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  1. You did a great job on the cheering. I did a bit of freelance cheering via twitter. Also, I just loved reading about what everyone else was reading. One of my favorite parts of the #Readathon. Happy finishing Murder at Astor Place … vintage mystery … looks interesting!


    • Thanks for the reassurance about cheering! I was very uncertain about doing it since in not a perky kind of person, but once I found a rhythm I just really loved the aspect of finding new blogs and reading new voices. You’re right tjat finding new titles is one of the best parts of readathon! I found my next TBR this time in “Eleanor & Park”!

      “Murder at Astor Place” is getting better as it progresses, but this series is most definitely “cozy.” Often predictable and simplistic, yet there is enough detail of place and history that I’m still engaged. Some exposition is forced (like a TV procedural) but the story is moving at a quick pace so I’m not bothered. I think I’ll want to read more from the series. I’m hoping they improved as the years passed into the millennium decades.

      Thanks for stopping by! We’ve got another readathon down in the books!


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