Readathon :: Hours 6-11

24 Hour ReadathonIt’s been a super-slow start for me this readathon, and I’ve only just begun my reading in the past 2 hours. Even then there were distractions. I’m hoping for a better second half, but I’m not gonna fret over the way this day is playing out. Any time spent reading and socializing with other readers is never wasted time!

Currently Reading: Murder on Astor Place by Victoria Thompson

Pages Read: 64

Total Minutes Spent Reading (so far): 90 maybe? and with a bit of re-reading due to drowsy moments

Quick Thoughts On My Current Read:
Cozy mysteries are new for me, and I wanted to read them during readathon so I’d have plenty of time to determine if I loved them or was indifferent. So far I’m okay with this first entry of Victoria Thompson’s Gaslight Mysteries book. It’s not as sharp as I wanted it to be, and not quite as interesting either, but I’m enjoying the setting of early 20th century New York City. I keep relating it back to the TV series Copper, which I adore, and that’s helping me stay more interested. My chief criticism is that characters are drawn too obviously: an unpleasant woman is obese and has a hairy mole on her face; a young society girl is wide-eyed, beautiful, and innocent (even when she’s not); and men who encounter the heroine are immediately attracted to her but irritated by her forthrightedness. It’s just too obvious and expected. I hope this is not the case in future entries of this series and that this title is suffering from being dated (published in the late 1990s, I think). Time will tell, but for now I’ll stick with it.

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  1. You’re doing great! Keep going. : )


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