Readathon #6 :: The Book Stack

Here’s the plan for Spring Readathon 2013: mysteries. Four of these books are parts of series, and three of those are the first titles in their series. Other than Reading Jackie, I’m only familiar with one of the authors, so this readathon will help me determine whether to continue with these particular series or not. I chose mysteries this time to keep me engaged, and I bulked up the stack with cozies so that I could (hopefully) read more than one book throughout the day. I still don’t expect to read more than two, but if I complete them both it will be more than I’ve ever accomplished in a readathon. I’m always interested in the longer books, but this day already feels scattered so I’m thankful I chose lighter reading that won’t feel like fluff. I’m also very grateful for public libraries!

Today’s / Tonight’s options are:

  • Murder on Astor Place by Victoria Thompson – a mystery set in turn-of-the-20th-century New York City featuring a young midwife acting as sleuth? What’s more fun than that?!
  • A Royal Pain by Rhys Bowen – second in the Royal Spyness series, featuring a young (distant) royal relative to England’s Queen during the time of future King Edward and Mrs. Simpson. I adored the first book for its cheekiness and lovable young heroine, who is the unwitting detective in the series.
  • Murphy’s Law by Rhys Bowen – Because I enjoyed the Royal Spyness series and I adore stories with Irish connections, I’m interested in this series about Molly Murphy, young Irish woman who finds herself on the run from her homeland only to be embroiled in a murder as she enters America through Ellis Island in the late 19th century. Every element thrills my heart!
  • The Innocent by David Baldacci – Decidedly not cozy, I wanted a mystery/thriller option with a kick and this story about a government hitman sounded perfect. I’m hoping this particular series becomes a favorite.
  • Reading Jackie: Her Autobiography in Books by William Kuhn – What’s better than reading a book about books? And the added element of insight into Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis during her career as an editor is more than icing. This book should be great for those wee hours when tiredness sets in and I’m not able to stay engaged in a full story. Plus, more titles for future readathons are sure to be found!

disclosure: all book titles are shown as affiliate links

book stack - Spring Readathon 2013


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  1. Kai(Fiction State of Mind)

    Good luck with your goals!


  2. I never get very many books read either – but I love the indulgence of reading allllllll day long. Hope it’s going well for you!


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