a case of the Mondays :: October 22, 2012

a case of the Mondaysimage via tech cocktail

While clicking links and hopping from blog to blog during this month’s 24 Hour Readathon, I came across the very cool idea of posting on Mondays about what the previous week held and the coming week would bring. The title can’t be beat! So, thanks to The Daily Bookmark, I have a new series to jump off the previous This Week I Love tag. Perhaps I’ll actually post it at the beginning of Monday next time.


  • Readathon, Part Deux – After participating in the Fall Readathon and not being able to sleep more than 2 hours in 40+, I crashed on Sunday afternoon and slept until Monday morning. I was refreshed by then and accomplished quite a bit of work, but I lost motivation by the evening and just really wanted to read again. I haven’t felt that in quite some time! So on Monday night I shut everything down and headed to bed early with my next review book from BookSneeze. The next morning I woke with intent to be productive, but throughout the day I wanted nothing but more reading time! Tuesday, then, was a second readathon in which I stayed in my favorite spot lying across the bed while the cool, fall breeze filled the room. I tried to return to a bit of work off and on, but by early afternoon I knew I was good for nothing but reading. Even when my body gave out and brought on a nap, I woke a couple hours later anxious to finish the book. This is how reading used to be for me, and I certainly am welcoming that feeling back into my life.
  • Baseball Woes – It was good that I found joy in reading again because my favorite New York Yankees just crumbled before my eyes. The postseason had begun pretty well, but by the time they reached the AL Championship Series, my favorite players dropped out of the lineup and the others were just not fulfilling their potential. The Detroit Tigers were also in extremely great form, so it wasn’t just the Yankees who brought about their demise. But it was still so very sad to watch. The Dyl, a die-hard Texas Rangers fan, called the ALCS “Dyl’s Revenge”, but his older brother, my only other Yankees compatriot, felt the sting for days afterward. K2 wanted his team to win the World Series this year because it would be a great memory for his Senior Year. All of his other favorite teams have won their respective championship series, but he has no baseball claim-to-fame. So this loss really broke his heart. For myself, I know there’s always next year. But it never quite looks the same.
  • TV Love: Once Upon A Time I came to love this series last year, but this past Sunday I was truly wowed (again) by Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin and his alter ego, Mr. Gold. He is mesmerizing as he alternates between the two characters: one, the evil dark lord with no regard for anyone but himself, and the other, a man finding new life through the love of a woman (Belle, from Beauty and the Beast). Carlyle has made me love Gold, even as I am sickened by Rumple. Each time an episode centers mostly on his character I find that I’m even more impressed with Carlyle and even more interested in Gold and his journey. It’s a brilliant characterization, and Carlyle has made a permanent fan of this girl.
  • TV Love: The Return of AMC – Dish Network finally got over itself and settled the ridiculous lawsuit they had with AMC Television, and they did just in time for Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead. Thankfully, they also ran last week’s premiere episode, as well, so that I didn’t have to find it online. When the channel was blocked by Dish in late spring I was disappointed but resigned to waiting for DVDs of the AMC series that I watch. I felt fine about waiting for Mad Men, and then The Killing was cancelled, but I had a terrible time adjusting to the fact that I wouldn’t be seeing The Walking Dead in October this year. It’s become a tradition now! And October doesn’t seem complete without the crazy zombies and human melodrama and (especially the) irreverent character played by Norman Reedus. Not having this series created a real void in my week as Twitter was lit up with reactions to the premiere and thoughts on the new season. So I’m overjoyed at Dish Network giving in and bringing it back to my TV. Who knew I’d come to love a zombie show?!

I’ve got book reviews! I’ve caught up with personal reviews on my recently completed readings, so this week I’ll post about Swipe, Sneak, and The Associate. I hope to also (finally) get my movie review up for the one cinema viewing in my Summer Film Series. It’ll be a grand week of catch-up, if nothing else.

In the offline world, I’m beginning a new phase over the next couple of months: gluten-free living. I wasn’t aware that this was necessary for me, but during the past week I have been ravaged by crazy itching over half my body. I’ve been eliminating products and retracing what I’ve been eating (none of it any good for me, mind you, but nothing different than usual), and I’ve searched and searched for remedies to these symptoms. My hands are scaly with tiny little blisters along my fingers; my eyelids are itchy and dry; the skin around my lips has tiny raised whelps; and there is itching in places one simply cannot scratch! There are many creams and lotions and essential oil treatments, but the issue really is about what’s causing the problem. My body reacted so violently that I had to cancel plans three days in a row due to the extreme discomfort. It wasn’t until Sunday night that I came across a site mentioning these symptoms in relation to hormone imbalance during perimenopause. The lightbulbs finally started coming on, as I’ve known for the past year that I was in the midst of both. Then today my mom learned that these rashes and irritations were a sign of gluten intolerance in a friend’s daughter. So now I’m exploring that angle. At present I just want to stop itching, but long-term there’s huge benefit to this type of lifestyle change, so I’m going to spend some time this week exploring the gluten-free plan. I won’t post much here on phrenetical unless there is definitive progress, but it’s something I know is very common so perhaps someone will stop by to offer insight. It’s all very new, and I’m not certain this is the root of my current situation, but such changes are certain to benefit me anyway. It’ll be an adventure, nonetheless!

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