Fall Readathon 2012 :: Hours 1-3

read-a-thon bannerWell, it took Dyl and me a bit of time to get around to the actual reading this morning but we finally managed to settle in for a good, quiet hour after 90 minutes of jumping around, eating breakfast, talking non-stop, and stopping every couple of pages to ask me a question. You know… just another typical day in the life of the Dyl! He did fairly well once he settled down and focused on the reading, but we’re still struggling with true “reading” versus skimming pages and just looking at the illustrations. I’ve returned several of D’s “completed” books back to the “to be read” stack, much to his displeasure. He’s also reading the short, quick books that he’s read a hundred times each, but if he’s reading them then I count them. Right now it’s still a bit of toss-up whether he’ll last any length of time or not. When I returned to the computer for this first update I found Dyl lying on the couch drifting off to sleep. It just might be too quiet and comfortable at my place! Cerella is making great progress, of course, and I’m inching along at a snail’s pace but am sufficiently sucked in to my first Grisham choice. Already this readathon is better than the last!

Currently Reading: The Associate by John Grisham

Pages Read This Period: 57
Minutes Spent Reading This Period: 75 (more or less)

Snack Count: strawberry-banana smoothie and a bowl of Frankenberry. Lack of sleep has messed with my appetite, I think. That’ll change soon enough.


Pages Read This Period: 100, we think. D was supposed to be adding totals on a calculator while I counted but he got bored and stopped without telling me. Such a boy.
Minutes Spent Reading This Period: 55

Snack Count: Frankenberry cereal, strawberry-banana smoothie, cinnamon raisin bagel with plain cream cheese

Books Finished This Period: Curious George Goes To The Hospital; The Cat In The Hat; Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day; Christina Katerina and the Box; Game Day


Currently Reading: Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

Pages Read This Period: 175
Minutes Spent Reading This Period: 150

Coffee Count: Two cups of coffee, starting on my third cup…
Books Read This Period: A Brew to a Kill
Books Finished This Period: Alice in Wonderland (I only had a few pages left in that one!)


sources for the images used in our banners:
Nolatari – tree image, original art by Sesillie Michelle Girelli D’Oyley
The Dyl – fleur-de-lis via logan_x (Creative Commons)
Cerella – “Aspidium” by Alex Ritter


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  1. The Cat in the Hat! I love that book 🙂 It look like you’re getting a lot accomplished and having fun!!


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