Bloggiesta 2012 :: To-Do List

BloggiestaBloggiesta has begun! Throughout the weekend I’ll be working on my blog – visibly and behind-the-scenes – in hopes of spiffing up a few areas, clearing out the cobwebs from an unplanned summer hiatus, and adding new content to kickstart a new season. Though my To-Do List is a bit more lengthy than I imagined, I don’t expect to complete all of these tasks over the next two days. Instead, this will be my jumping-off point to an upcoming redesign project for 2013. As the weekend progresses I’ll return to this post and cross off completed items. I find gratification in the crossing off of lists, so I’m hoping to see a decent amount of accomplishment by the time Monday morning rolls around. Here’s to a successful Blogging Fiesta!

Huge shout-out to my best good friend for the marathon texting session that helped me make sense of my ideas to form them into actual goals.

   ● small tweaks to blog settings
   ● new sidebar items
   ● additional content for static pages
   ● create graphic for Contact page   postponed until 2013 redesign
   ● create custom avatar for comments   Turns out, this isn’t available on my platform. Hmmph.
   ● Summer Stories
   ● personal journal + photos
   ● 2012 Summer Film Series
   ● outstanding book review(s)
   ● develop and calendar list of new posts
   ● schedule tweets for older content
   ● brainstorm / research new design
   ● streamline post creation (templates, designs)
   ● strengthen categories
   ● brainstorm “hub” to manage all areas of content

Updates to follow throughout the weekend…

UPDATE #1: Nearly 12 hours of behind-the-scenes work on this blog! Whew! I’m bleary-eyed and my shoulders ache from hunched concentration, but I managed to complete a ton of maintenance and tweaks and even some spiffing up of archive posts in preparation for future Twitter sharing. All in all, an excellent day’s work!

UPDATE #2: I did very little hands-on-the-keyboard work today, but my mind whirs with ideas and thoughts for future postings and future disciplines. I think my body just gave out after 3 straight days of online activity (CreativeLIVE seminar + Bloggiesta Saturday). I did manage to get one post written and scheduled for Monday, but the remainder of the afternoon was spent browsing other blogs for new ideas and creative inspiration. That was definitely worth it, of course, but it’s not going to get anything posted on the blog this week. So there’s still much left to do, and I’m just not sure it will get done that quickly. Thankfully, each day brings new mercies. I’m hoping for a great week ahead and a new momentum for the autumn season.


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  1. So excited for the changes! And always happy to help a best good friend brainstorm!! 🙂



  2. I always end up leaving these weekends with a new list of things I want to do! Hope you’re getting lots done!

    ~Kristin @ Always With a Book


  3. Okay, I’m stealing your idea for ten favorite posts! Very lovely. And intriguing!

    Here’s my ¡Olé! ¡Vamos a Bloggiesta! I hope you will stop by!


    • Isn’t that a great idea?! I can’t claim credit for it though. I found it via Jessica at The Bluestocking Society (by way of Suey at It’s All About Books). Check out Jessica’s post for lots of good “top ten” ideas:

      Thanks for stopping by my blog! It helps knowing that others are shoulder-deep in blogging tasks too! Good luck with yours!


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