FROM THE VAULT :: If I knew I could, I would…

10-year retrospectiveThis month I’m looking back over the past 10 years of this blog and reposting some of the entries that help chronicle a decade of public writing as well as reflect who I was then and who I (still) am now. A lot has changed, yet a great deal has yet to evolve, and so I am reflecting on these things without regret. Thanks for walking through it with me.

originally posted April 29, 2011 in response to Five Minute Friday
The answer is always the same. If I knew I could, I would… live a nomadic life. The journey always begins in Pennsylvania, where I would spend a week visiting my best good friend, letting her show me around her homeland, and then I would help her pack and take her along for the rest of the journey. We’d hop the pond to London first, then take in the majestic cliffs of Ireland and rolling hills of Scotland, then zip over to Paris for a long leisurely adventure. After that, Spain, Italy, Greece… Eastern Europe, the Holy Lands, Russia, China, Japan… and everywhere in between. A lengthy tour of Africa would follow, and then a long (long, long) holiday in Australia, the land of my lifelong dreams. We’d eventually meander back to Hawaii and Alaska, and take a casual tour of North America on one enormous road trip. Eventually we’d make it down to South America, as well, after which we’d begin the journey all over again. Just two single gals on an epic adventure, pens and journals in hand, cameras at the ready, to capture every impression of all that we encounter.

I would if I could. Oh, yes, I most certainly would.


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