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10-year retrospectiveThis month I’ll be looking back over the past 10 years of this blog and reposting some of the entries that help chronicle a decade of public writing as well as reflect who I was then and who I (still) am now. As I perused my library of posts I couldn’t help but smile at how many of my thoughts are the same as they were in years past, and I also cringed at how much that is not good has also stayed the same. Or, rather, has not evolved as I would have liked. But instead of regret, I shall reflect. This first post speaks to what still holds true: the reason I began blogging in the first place and the reason I am still pursuing it ten years later.

originally posted March 23, 2009
When we can trust the love we have – when we know, not just believe, that we have enough love – we are free to write honestly, even knowing that the more honestly we share, express and expose ourselves, the easier we are making it for some people to not like us. This does not mean rejection or criticism will be easy, but it means we always have the safety net of genuine love and support to fall back on. With this safety net, we are able to write as honestly as possible, and it is this kind of honesty that makes for the very best writing.Blue Poppy via Christine Mason Miller

These words appeal to my own beliefs about writing. My writing (and later, my blogs) has always been a personal expression of myself, my interests, my beliefs and emotions. I write out of sheer love for expressing the thoughts tumbling around my head. Before weblogs there were paper journals – and these are still a medium of expression for me – but blogging allows the benefit of connecting to an audience, of connecting to a network and to friends. And my belief, like Blue Poppy notes, is that I need not write at all if I am not inclined to be honest. If I am unwilling to put my true self out into the world, I may as well say nothing at all. But the one thing I value most in people is the willingness to be themselves, warts and vices and passions and all. And so I write what I feel. I write what I see and what God teaches me. And I learn about myself (and others) through the exercise. If no one in the entire world reads my posts, I am still blessed by the act of sorting through my mind and committing thoughts to words. It’s the most precious gift God has given to me. Happily, I am also blessed to be surrounded by family and friends who love me in spite of everything else. Even when they don’t agree with what I may write. That is freedom, and I embrace it.


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