Spring Readathon 2012 :: Hours 17-20

read-a-thon bannerUpdate from Readathon Hours 17–20…
I did continue with The Art of Fielding, though I struggled quite a bit for an hour or so, and have now reached the final third of the book, where finally (finally!) the story has returned to the baseball diamond and picked up steam. I’m engrossed now, and there are fewer tangents occurring that distract from the main plot, so I have decided to continue to the end. It really is a good book when you strip away a couple of characters and unimportant story arcs, and the author’s grasp on the particulars of baseball as a sport and the mechanics of a player is truly a credit to this novel. It’s the baseball that has kept me engaged. I can’t say I would have been worse off for not reading Fielding, but at least it’s not been a total waste of effort throughout this readathon.

I’m beginning to tire again, and a slight headache has settled in behind one eye, so I may not continue through until Hour 24. But I’ll definitely make a final recap post when all is said and done. This particular readathon has been different for me, and I need to document my thoughts so that I can refer back to them in October when the Fall Readathon comes around. Some lessons need to be recalled.

109 pages read this period (plus another 5 pages skimmed)

342 total pages read

3.75 hours spent reading (this period)

13 total hours spent reading

67% of 1 book completed

1 book attempted during readathon


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  1. You’re awesome, I think I’ve said that already. Seriously though good for you doing this all night. I saw a lot of bloggers who finished a book and got too tired but you seem to have stuck it out – I love that.


    • Thanks, Cassie! I have to admit that this time was a real struggle for me, and I didn’t make it all the way to the end. My body just gave up on me! But I learned some valuable lessons to take into the Fall Readathon, so I’m looking forward to doing it all over again. Thanks for checking in and cheering me on. It really meant a lot!


      • Anytime, of course. I think there’s a time when your body just gives up and you pass out without even realizing it. I’m sure you dreamed about books though right. πŸ™‚


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