blimey, that’s a lot of annoying updates!

So, if you’re a subscriber who receives notification of my blog updates via RSS or email, it’s likely that you got spammed yesterday by an annoying lot of old posts. My apologies! It seems that each time I tweak a previously published post, the RSS feed picks it up and sends it back into the cyberverse. I knew this, but I never took the time before to learn a way to prevent this reposting party. And that’s such a rookie move! So now I must apologize and tell you that I believe I understand how to avoid this situation in the future and hope to never subject you to such an occurrence again.

What makes this entire debacle so especially irritating is that I have a series of reposts set for the upcoming weeks as a sort of celebration series for my recent 10-year Blogaversary. It’s likely that some of my planned posts jumped the gun and just may show up again soon. I apologize for that, as well. Seriously… so annoying!

Before all of that, however, I’ll be spending this weekend wrapped up in my fourth 24-Hour Readathon and posting here throughout the event. Watch for an actual, new post later today announcing the small stack of books that will be my companions on Saturday, and check in with me between 7am Saturday and 7am Sunday, Central Daylight Time (that’s Chicago and Texas time, FYI). I’ll regularly post my progress, and I’ll also be participating in various book-related blog challenges throughout the day and night. If you don’t have plans of your own this weekend, perhaps you’d like to join us? Visit the official readathon blog for complete details. And let me know when and where you’ll be participating! The fun of this event really goes beyond the actual reading and into the community that’s doing it together. I’d love to cheer you on! Find me on Twitter @nolatari and check in with hashtag #readathon. Or just come back to this blog and leave a comment telling me what you’re reading. I’d love to hear from you.

More to come!


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