one little word for 2012

Of course, another month has passed without fulfilling any of my blog promises plans mentioned on January 1st. And that wouldn’t be so discouraging did it not directly contradict my commitment to this year’s One Little Word. But here I am, beginning again, because that’s what I must do. Always moving forward, never dwelling on past mistakes. If I did that, you’d never hear from me again.

But I digress…

I’ve chosen COMPLETE as my One Word for 2012. It wasn’t my first choice, but it seems to be the best choice. Back in November I decided I would commit to “Action” in the new year because I felt that so many of my goals and plans in recent years still sit untouched with only passing thoughts to make any kind of progress on them. As I ruminated on Action throughout the holidays it really did seem appropriate… until I realized that I had actually taken quite a bit of action in 2011. But I never finished anything. I committed to HEALTHY in 2011 and (despite making some progress) I fell far short of my intended goals. I began a summer scrapbook that now has exactly the same amount of pages completed as it did in June of that same year. I have a 2009 (yes, oh-nine) photo book in progress that is only four pages from completion but did not get touched in all of the previous two years. And the list goes on. Project after project, plan after plan get set aside in favor of something new. If they even get started at all! Committing to Action wasn’t going to get me much further than I am at present.

COMPLETE is a better goal. COMPLETE will cross items off the lengthy to-do list. It will take ideas from my inspiration boards and make them reality. And it will free up room for new projects that flutter in the corners of my mind. Twenty-twelve should be a year of action, yes, but also a year of finishing. I want to move beyond this reputation of procrastination into the role of creator. And perhaps even artist, with works to display. I also want the spirit of COMPLETE to ripple out into my daily life too, where I stop leaving things unfinished simply because I don’t want to deal with them (like the pile of dishes I ignore in the sink and the dusty flat that never gets cleaned). By the end of 2012 I want to look back and see that my life was filled with finished projects and crossed off lists. And it’s a habit I want to develop for good.


I first saw the idea of One Little Word on the blog of Ali Edwards then joined a second group last year via Grit and Glory. This year Alece, of “Grit and Glory”, has created a site devoted solely to One Word. Check it out and join us at

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  1. this is one of my most favorite words. ever.

    the imagery that God sees me as whole and complete — no matter how broken i may feel — is one i cling to…


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