in the spirit of a new year…

It should come as no surprise to most of you that I fell away from blogging in the later months of 2011. This is par for the course in my life. I am notorious for beginning projects and never quite completing them, or at most, waiting until I’m pressed against a deadline before really moving on the tasks. It happened at Christmas again this year and it happened on this blog. It happened in my creative life, and it happened in the area of personal goals. It’s not purposeful, this procrastination of mine, but it has been a habit as long as I can remember. However, lately I’ve really been thinking about it. A lot. And to that end I have chosen One Little Word for 2012 that I hope will help me break this cycle. The revelation of that word will come later in the week. For now, with a new year upon me, I truly want to begin a fresh, new chapter. And that means I need to properly close down 2011. Had I not spent the past 5 days in near-literal hibernation due to persistent throbbing headaches I would have already made these final posts. But I am me and there was no closure. So, in this first week of a new year I aim to shut down the past year. Watch for 11 untold stories to be posted here over the next several days. Eleven stories from 2011. It’s not that I wasn’t busy this past year… just that I failed to take my stories and make them known. And what’s the purpose of gathering stories if not to share them? So I will share them now. And finally complete what I began at this time last year. Thanks for bearing with me! There’s definitely more to come.


concluding ChristmasThis photo has nothing to do with this post other than the fact that I’ve kind of felt this way in the past few months. And it’s a funny photo. It was W’s response to FINALLY completing the Christmas afternoon one-at-a-time gift exchange with the extended family. It’s excruciating for him to watch each person open a single gift, in birth order, and then repeat the process around the circle until all gifts are finally opened. Eleven-year-old boys just don’t see the fun, I guess. But it makes a good photo.


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