read-a-thon mini-challenge :: re-reading

Jessica, over at the bluestocking society, has offered up a terrific mini-challenge for these late evening hours, and I am totally up for it!

List your favorite re-reads of all time, those books that you can go to time and again for comfort and escape.

If you’ve read any of the expository pages of this blog, you’ll surely be able to guess the titles on my list…

The Lord of the Rings     The Chronicles of Narnia     The Great Gatsby

            Girl With A Pearl Earring

The Lord of the Rings, in which I cannot help but hear the movie actors’ voices speaking their respective characters’ dialogue (which always makes me happy)
The Chronicles of Narnia, for its nostalgic way of sending me back to childhood
The Great Gatsby, and the way Robert Redford fills my mind as I read of the sad, lonely Mr. Gatsby
Love Finds You in Hershey, Pennsylvania, written by my best good friend, Cerella D. Sechrist, so it always makes me think of her
The Thursday Next series, which makes me laugh and laugh and then sparks my imagination in the most extraordinary ways
Girl With A Pearl Earring, for its astounding visual-verbal beauty

After today, I’m certain that The Hunger Games trilogy will become another fixture on this list!


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  1. Hunger Games does have its way to book lover’s hearts!

    You’re eyes are sleepy,
    but your fingers keep turning,
    I’ll supply the cheer,
    to keep your readathon fire burning!


  2. I love it when my book makes someone’s list. 🙂 Thank you, my dear friend!!



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