I’m here! I’m here! (and it’s time to read!)

Read-a-Thon bannerOf course, I’m late getting started on the Read-a-Thon today, but that’s par for the course. I expected as much when I was still trying to sleep at 4:35 this morning, so I’ve decided to just go with it. There’s plenty of daylight left here in Texas and miles to go before I sleep again! I’m all set up and ready to get started.

Reading spots are prepared…

reading spot #1
reading spot #2

The writing station is at the ready…

writing spot 

Snacks are lined up…

read-a-thon snacks

And my books are stacked at arm’s length…

read-a-thon books

First on the agenda (and judging by previous years, likely to be my only completed titles today) is concluding Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games trilogy. I begin with the second book, Catching Fire, at Chapter 19, the start of “Part III: The Enemy” and I will likely rush right into the concluding book of Mockingjay as soon as I read the final word of Fire. There’s a reason these books are so well-loved; they are truly compelling!

If I’m still going after completing these books, you’ll notice a few titles have returned from previous read-a-thons. I’ve not yet completed (or even begun!) these books, despite great desires to do it. Simply put, I’ve kept reading on the back burner in recent years and even when I get in the mood to read, I tend to be drawn to something different than what’s on my shelves. But I’m always hoping to get back to these titles, so here’s to a great reading effort for the remainder of this day.

I’ll post here a few more times throughout the day/night with updates on my reading progress, but please do follow me at Twitter or Facebook today. I’ll post much more frequent snippets there as I encounter interesting passages and mark time during this read-a-thon journey. And I’d love to hear from you! It’s a beautiful day to read!


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  1. Your couch looks so comfortable! Oreos were a good choice — I’m craving those right now. Happy readathon!


  2. Your reading spots and snacks look fantastic and delicious! Enjoy your reading.


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