while you were sleeping

sleepyI realize I’ve been away from this blog far too long, and there is a list of posts I still intend to make – including a recap of my busier-than-usual summer, tales of unemployment woe and doing my work at night because I’m still not sleeping properly, as well as the myriad of photos from everyday life with my family and a check-in on my One Little Word – but today is not that day. Instead, I’m simply dropping by to verify my continued existence and to blow off the dust of this place in preparation for the series of posts that will be published tomorrow during the Fall 24-Hour Read-a-Thon. During those hours I’ll be online from time to time, as usual, but the bulk of my day will be spent catching up on my reading. And I’m okay with that! I look forward to the read-a-thon each fall and spring, and this time I’ll even be starting three-quarters of the way through a book I’ve already begun! (Yes, I do still read on occasion, though much less than in my previous life.) As always, I hope the read-a-thon kickstarts even further reading, and I’m also hoping it lights a fire in my writing. It’s been far too long since I gave that piece of my life proper attention, and I’m finally ready to dive in again. I hope you’ll continue to hang in with me while I fumble toward a better state of life. And I hope you’ll join me tomorrow for 24 hours of reading… and writing about reading. It really has been far too long.
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  1. I have no idea how you acquired a pic of me and then change me into a guy, but,

    glad to see you back. I’m hoping your reading fire has been kindled! Looking forward to seeing your updates!

    Happy Reading!


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