a weekend (and a do-over) in this girl’s life

A Week In The Life 2011I finished up my Week in the Life project yesterday, adding an extra day to my week because I seriously needed a do-over from Sunday. The weekend started off great, and I had the most productive Saturday I’ve had in months without even planning to be productive, but then I didn’t feel well on Sunday and ended up missing church, my Sunday job, and my niece’s birthday party, as well. The whole day was a total bust. All I felt like doing was lying around and, eventually, lying around while watching TV. When I finally woke from that stupor on Monday afternoon I wanted nothing more than to document a few more things in my life that I’d not managed to capture during the previous week. Now I feel like my project is complete… for this year, anyway. Here’s hoping there’s much more to show for my life next year.


documenting the week







Sunday, with the company of Christopher Gorham, Rufus Sewell and Tom Hanks (in the late night)


my view


Covert Affairs

Zen, with Rufus Sewell

Saving Private Ryan

Monday, featuring a free movie rental, some old friends, and my beloved Max Martini




old friends



no curfew


Max Martini on 'Rizzoli & Isles'


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  1. I found your blog from the WITL links on Ali Edward’s blogs. I enjoy your writing and was happy to see on the picture of the weather that you posted that you are from McKinney. I live in Allen! Small world.


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