Thursday in this girl’s life

A Week In The Life 2011There’s really nothing worse (or worse for a personal project) than feeling crummy. I still felt pretty green around the gills when I first woke around 9:00am on Thursday, so I just turned over and went right back to sleep. When the alarm went off at noon (yes, noon!) I was still lethargic and completely uninterested in being productive during the day. I lazed around right there under the sheet, checking into Twitter and reading through some of the other Week in the Life postings, until finally I felt decent enough to change rooms and try to salvage some portion of the day. I didn’t have any work deadlines, so I figured I’d just take advantage of the no-pressure atmosphere and do as little as possible all day. Maybe just read blogs and brainstorm for next week’s scrapbook pages. I wasn’t even planning to shower. It just seemed like the perfect day to do nothing at all and avoid responsibilities.

But then I started moving around. And I felt like I should take a shower, especially since I hadn’t done so the day before. [Just… ick.] And then, though I didn’t feel all that much better when clean, I went one step further and checked into work email. Which led to tabulating votes for our student photo contest, which led to a phone conversation with a former co-worker, which led to taking on a design project for her ministry, which excited me and made me feel so much better. Little by little the day turned around. I didn’t take many photos but I did find my joy in the midst of all the little annoyances. And that’s all I can ever ask.

waking up

Yes, I woke at 12:16 P.M. It was a rough night.


morning ritual

my 'morning' Twitter check-in



Decided to shower even though I wasn't feeling it. I still look a fright.
And my (barely there) eyebrows are completely invisible. LOL


soft clothes

Today's soft clothes. That shirt is 11 years old and will soon fall apart, but oh how I love it!
My one memento from the Chicago Blues Festival, 2000.



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