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A Week In The Life 2011I knew I’d be spending all of Wednesday at home so there was no rush to get moving in the morning. Thankfully, I’ve been sleeping better at night and waking earlier in the day… or, at least, I’ve been waking in the morning instead of late afternoon. I’ve even been waking before my alarm, so that’s a huge blessing! Still, I never really jump right into morning, and this one was no different. I spent the first couple of hours lying in bed with the iPhone, checking in with Twitter and purging my email (so the junk doesn’t get downloaded when I finally get online). This has become my ritual lately. I like having the phone serve as a second computer so I can take Twitter breaks throughout the day without being tied to the laptop, and, thus, be able to walk away from the same sitting spot where I spend far too much time at once. I’ll miss this when I go back to working in an office.

After I finally got tired of stretching across the bed and felt fully awake, I decided I should do some documenting of how the morning was going to go. I’m never a big fan of self-portraits — as I’ve wrestled with body image issues for most of the years of my life — but recently I’ve been learning how to just get over myself. Ha! I’ve decided that it’s important to document myself as I truly am, which means (while at home) no makeup, sometimes unshowered, and always in what my parents call “soft clothes.” On this day I just turned on the camera’s self-timer and let it capture my reality. Like it or not.

Wednesday had been set aside for my only paying job, but it was late afternoon before I even got to that point. Being mostly unemployed really has toppled any schedules I may have once had, and I haven’t been disciplined enough to get out of those habits just yet. So, as has become the norm, I didn’t start my “work” until it was nearly time for the rest of the world to leave their offices! I knew that would take me into the evening, but I also knew that there were only a few hours of work to be done today. Wednesday’s primary task was editing photos from students for a contest sponsored by my employer. Tuesday had been the submission deadline, so I spent Wednesday putting the final photos into the website gallery and sending out the voting instructions to the rest of the staff (who will be choosing the winning photos). It’s not difficult work, but it is very tedious. Lots of resizing, cropping and uploading photos, plus some HTML coding to make the photos visible online. This year we had more submissions than ever before (nearly 300), and over the course of the contest I’ve really enjoyed watching the photos come in. All but a few were submitted by teenage students, and the subjects and composition on so many are truly amazing. Building the gallery from scratch is always a lot of fun for me, too. Now it’s just a matter of having the staff vote for their favorite three photos and handing out cash prizes! I think it’s my favorite thing the company does all year. And it’s definitely rewarding to the students.

With the work complete, I spent the rest of the evening reading articles about Google+ and trying to decide if it would be of any use to me. [I’m still not sure about that!] It was 9:00 before I even realized that I’d never eaten dinner, and around that same time I started feeling ill, so I went to my default mode and set a cooker of rice to boiling. This is my standby when (a) I’m not feeling well and don’t really have an appetite but know that I should eat something, and (b) I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to bother with any kind of prep or cooking. Wednesday night was a bit of both, I think, but a bowl of white rice with shoyu was just enough. Unfortunately, it didn’t do me any favors throughout the rest of the night as I began to feel more and more unsettled. By the time I went to bed I was still uneasy and had made the decision to scrap my plans to see a movie on Thursday. I think it was this self-cancellation that disappointed me the most.

Wednesday in Photos

morning view

This is my view each morning as I wake slowly while checking in with Twitter.


tools of the morning

tools of my morning routine — unshowered version


breakfast prep



At work. The Yankees theme was totally unplanned, although that is my favorite t-shirt, of course!
(Those cluttered surfaces you see in the background? Yeah, that's normal. Unfortunately.)


phone call

Just before bed on Tuesday I opened a letter regarding my unemployment benefits which said I was no longer eligible to receive them. My first major task of Wednesday was to call and find out why. Turns out, I simply had to renew the claim. Whew!



In late afternoon I finally stopped for lunch but didn't want to fuss with anything. Garden Herb Triscuits with cream cheese plus a sliced nectarine turned out to be a pretty awesome meal.



Twitter break

Periodically throughout these days I stand up from my laptop and living room chair in order to stretch out and change the scenery. It's nothing more than a short break, so I typically stretch across my bed and use the iPhone to check into Twitter. Some days this is my only connection with the outside world. You'll note that I'm not wearing my glasses. It seems that I've now reached the age where I cannot read up-close without removing them. ::sigh::


results of my work

the completed gallery for the company's student photo contest


rice cooker



unmade bed

Most days I leave the bed unmade with pj's at the ready. It's just simpler that way, and then
I get to collapse into bed late at night with no effort on my part. :-p



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  1. I love how you took photos of your morning stuff…glasses, deodorant etc. I want to try that tomorrow! 🙂


    • Thanks for stopping by! I’ve found that my favorite Week in the Life photos tend to be these still life images of my “stuff.” I’m happy they inspired you, too!


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