Tuesday in this girl’s life

A Week In The Life 2011Tuesday began with a break in the heat — only up to 90 degrees at noon! — and I woke very early but fully rested and refreshed. My thoughts immediately turned to writing so I pulled Writing Down the Bones from the nightstand and read a few chapters until I felt ready to commit some morning pages to my journal. As always, the writing truly takes on a life of its own. I found myself recounting some of my earliest thoughts: a second grader about to begin a new school in a new town. By the time I finished writing I was about to tread familiar ground of that nervous young girl becoming an angry adolescent yet again entering a new school in a new town. But I left those later memories unwritten. They are already well-documented and I simply didn’t want to rehash them again. [That’s a huge milestone and just might mean that those years are fully behind me, once and for all!] The morning continued in this same vein of easy-does-it movement with a bit of prayer for a young camper in Germany, a little time checking into Twitter, a leisurely period of making myself presentable for the rest of the world, and plenty of time just lying around listening to the morning’s playlist. I had errands to run today but I was in no rush. And that’s a feeling I like to hang onto!

Scenes from a Tuesday

Writing Down the Bones

Praying for...

Tuesday's playlist

morning prep

swimming "lesson"

K2 and the Pickle asked to come over for a swim at the apartment pool. If I hadn't been in dire need of groceries I might've spent the day hanging by the pool with them!


saying my goodbyes

errand #2 - grocery shopping

Tuesday stop-over

Tuesday dinner


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  1. ohh…sonic sounds so tasty right about now:) enjoyed seeing your tuesday photos!


  2. Great photos! I love the apple picture and the photo of your iPod. Great ideas for week in the life photos!


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