another Monday in this girl’s life

A Week In The Life 2011The first day of this year’s Week in the Life project began so very early. I was originally concerned that my week’s journals would be the same old tired reporting of insomnia and TV watching, but then my Sunday afternoon turned out a little differently than expected and that shifted the momentum going into Monday.
morning hairI’d had only 3 hours of sleep when I went to church on Sunday, so by the time I finally returned home in the afternoon I was ready for a nap. That nap continued through the rest of the day and into the night! It was 3:45 on Monday morning before I came back to life, lying across my bed instead of under the sheet, still in Sunday afternoon’s lounge clothes with old makeup caked on my face. And my hair! Oh, I had the perfect Lyle Lovett hairstyle when I woke. Quite attractive. Naturally, there was no falling back to sleep by that time, so I spent the morning checking in with the Twitterverse and easing into a day of website work. Despite such a long “nap” I still felt a little out of it, so Monday was really a day of stillness and online work. Which, as you know, suits me just fine on any day. And considering the day’s temperature of 105°, staying indoors all day was the only real choice for me!

Sunday nap aftermath

The state of my bedroom after Sunday's nap turned into a full night's sleep. I didn't even put my clothes away after church!

Monday morning playlist

Monday morning's playlist

Monday breakfast

breakfast: leftover eggs cha han and orange juice in my favorite mug. Once upon a time I thought my roommate was crazy for eating a rice dish at breakfast but now I get it. There's bacon in it, for goodness sake!

Monday's midday nap

The thing about waking up at 3:45am is that I'm ready for a nap by 11:15. I never did fall asleep, but it was a nice rest in a cool room.

work + play makes Monday much better

Monday's work task involved photo-editing for an online contest. I can't think of anyone better to keep me company than Agent Peter Burke and his charge, Neal Caffrey (aka 'White Collar').

Monday's work task

By evening I was finally ready to place all of the contest photos on the website... after a bit of HTML coding, that is.

this week's forecast is HOT!

If the week's forecast is any indication, I just may stay inside every day after all. (As if that's anything new!)


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