A Week in the Life 2011

A Week In The LifeIt’s time for another “Week In The Life” project! I’m following the lead of Ali Edwards and making a complete scrapbook on the week, but first there is photography and documenting to accomplish. That’s what you’ll see here from today through next Sunday: photos + stories. You might recall that I’ve done this once before, and I loved it, but this time I want to be a bit more in-depth. So I’m using Ali’s daily worksheets to make notes throughout the week, and I’m setting up iPhone alarms throughout the week to remind me to stop and take in my surroundings. I’d like to document more than just the main occurrences and gather a true picture of the hours within each day. And for the most part this should provide an accurate portrayal of these current days in my life, although I will admit to putting off a few tasks until this week just so I’d have more to report than “computer, blogs and TV.” It’s just a little bit of cheating, but still true to my life. So watch for that over the next few days and follow me on Twitter for even more up-to-the-minute happenings. Then check back next week for the finished project!

Wanna play along? Check out Ali’s tips and start documenting your own week, too!


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