On this day…

There is a beagle girl in a carrier kennel in her family’s garage.
It’s more like doggie jail.
She can’t be trusted to stay in the backyard.
She’s become a digger.
No matter how much is piled up and wedged into her escape hatches,
That girl just paws and claws her way through all of it.
She can no longer be contained. It seems.

After our first little excursion through the neighborhood
I decided it would be best to stay over. To dog-sit.
I assumed she was perturbed about being left behind by her family.
So I made sure she saw me moving around inside the house during the evening.
I made sure the TV was on so that she could hear signs of life.
I triple-checked the new barricade to be sure she had no openings.
And then I couldn’t sleep all night.
I guess I was feeling worrisome.
Or something.

I went outside early this morning to let the girl know I was still with her.
She didn’t come when I opened the door.
She didn’t come when I called her name.
She didn’t hear me… because she wasn’t there.
Another escape route had been cleared during the night.
She was gone. Again.

I began to drive through the neighborhood again, scouring every yard.
As I reached the east exit from the family’s neighborhood
The Momma of the family called from her vacation spot.
The beagle girl had been found.
Three neighborhoods over and past a school.
Nearly to the busy state highway with its constant flow of traffic.
Thank the Lord the girl didn’t make it that far.

She’s on a short leash now. Literally.
And, interestingly, she doesn’t seem to mind.
But diggers can’t be trusted. Unfortunately.
And it’s kinda sad. She really is a sweet dog.
Just a little… uh… headstrong, at times.

Silly beagle girl.

beagle girl


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