from the weekend :: Ka-Ciao! (Summer Film Series – Vol. 9, No. 3 :: CARS 2)

June 24, 2011 ~ Studio Movie Grill ~ Plano, Texas

This past Friday I joined my sister’s family for an opening day viewing of Cars 2, something that had been planned for months by their NASCAR-lovin’ selves. The first film is one of their very favorites, and the last boy tends to quote Lightning McQueen a lot, but I’ve never been as much a fan of that film beyond the simple fact that Pixar films are always enjoyable and visually stunning. The race car aspect though? Meh. So I was thankful that I could join their crew for this sequel because I knew my viewing experience would be made so much better by hearing the boy’s commentary throughout the film. Or at least that’s what I thought. Turns out, I loved the film more than any of them! It was far better than the first one — for me, at least — and my experience was heightened by sitting next to the first boy rather than his younger brother. Which just goes to show that nothing is certain in art or life.

I planned to take several photos before and after the movie, but the boys just weren’t having it. The Pickle was almost cranky the whole day, so I only managed a few. But I think I have enough to tell the story. The boys and their parents arrived at the cinema more than an hour before showtime, so they were able to secure the first spots in line. Such a long wait is not agreeable to the last boy, but he managed to endure with the help of Angry Birds — or, as he calls it, “Frustrated Birds”, because “angry” is not a nice thing to be. … During the movie, K2 and I laughed at pretty much every scene — and most of all when Mater gained the power to change his appearance by voice command and turned himself from a tow truck to a monster truck to a taco truck. We couldn’t stop giggling! I was sitting too far away from the other boy to hear his comments throughout the film, but I did notice him during the opening title sequence. When the original Cars graphic appeared onscreen, Pickle’s hand flew into the air displaying the number two. And as that number appeared on the movie screen, he shouted out, “Two!” It was a terrific way to start the show!
passing time with Angry Birds

an afternoon viewing with family

You'd think the movie didn't delight these guys, but the truth is they knew I was taking a photo. Plus, I think this occurred during closing credits (which were kinda boring).

Studio Movie Grill

Cars 2 poster


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  1. Frustrated birds. HA HA HA HA!!!! ;D


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