not completely absent

It’s been a bit quiet around here lately, but I’ve not actually been that absent… I’ve just been active elsewhere! My attention span has been ridiculously short for the past few weeks, and my sleeping difficulties still have not balanced out, so I’ve just not been able to think clearly enough to write full stories. Instead, I’ve spent much time bouncing around cyberspace, stopping only long enough to catch up with other bloggers and grasp whatever inspiration I could. That’s certainly not a bad thing, of course, but I do miss the practice of writing and tend to feel a bit disconnected when I can’t share my life on this site. I’m hoping the winds of change are upon me soon. [And that my writing isn’t so riddled with clichés going forward! sheesh.] Nevertheless, I have been a frequent poster on most of my other web playgrounds, including Tumblr, Twitter, and most recently, Pinterest. Be sure to click the links in the right margin of this blog to find me! I promise I’m never totally silent.

Have you discovered Pinterest yet? It’s the best kind of bulletin board you’ll ever use! But it’s also highly addictive, as blogger Rachel Meeks states so perfectly:

Pinterest is like coffee. It’s a way to pick yourself up during a five-minute break, but don’t consume it at night or you won’t get any sleep.

Check it out for yourself! And if you need an invite to create your own Pinterest boards, just drop me a note and I’ll set you right up! And don’t worry… I’ll be back to my old prolific self soon enough. There are photos to share, family stories to tell, and some new entries for my Summer Film Series. Summer is definitely upon us!
Nolatari's Pinterest boards


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