pardon me while I organize…

I should mention that I’m shuffling some things around between Tumblr and Flickr and my blog this week, so you may see some duplicate posts here and there. Just think of them as little gifts from the vault! When all is finally settled I’ll have all of my random internet finds (like this and this) posted at Tumblr, and all of my random photos posted at Flickr, and all of the single images that inspire me will be posted at Pinterest. The writing, as always, will run through this blog. I’m just trying to keep myself from spreading all of the ephemera and ridiculata too thin across the internets. I’m sure most of you understand just what I mean! So, thanks for bearing with me as I remove things from one location and repost in another. I’ll try not to duplicate the Twitter and Facebook alerts, which will likely be repeats of some previous posts, but I’m sure a few will slip through. And if you’re reading my sites via RSS, I’m sorry to say that I can’t prevent the posts from showing up again. Thanks for your patience while I work through the project!


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