scenes from Resurrection Day

Weeks go by with nothing to show for them, and aggravations seem to come easily these days. Repeated rejections for applications submitted in search of employment. A neighbor who annoys with his game console hooked up to surround sound, vibrating my floors at all hours of the night. Piles and piles of stuff all around me but no motivation (or even concern) to clear it out. The days run together and sleep comes in waves — sometimes none at all, other times more than anyone needs. I worry without realizing I’m worrying, and then I fret because I can’t seem to stop worrying. Anguish fills my heart, longing for relief from these days but knowing that these days are filled with freedom that many would covet. I feel torn. And I feel guilty.

Then, just like that, a day of release. Pure joy all around me. In myself and in everyone I meet. My social network, now re-established after Lent, is filled with a single phrase: “He is risen!” Never before have so many, from so many circles of my life, come together with one clear voice. This Easter felt different. This Easter felt like the beginning of something new and grand. A new pastor arriving soon, but still more. Something beyond my imagination. Something fresh and new in the air. I’m not the only one feeling it.

Each day is a new opportunity. To begin again. To try again. To tackle what was put off before. Mercy is mine with each breath. Praise God, mercy is mine.

Easter 2011

Easter 2011


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