the joy of doing nothing

I woke at 7:00 this morning, fully refreshed from a very long night of sleep. I had a list of things to do outside the flat — things I’d put off from the day before when I hadn’t been so rested — so I got out of bed fairly quickly and set about my morning routine. Orange juice and banana muffins. A quick devotional read to put myself in the right frame of mind, then a moment of prayer toward the planned task. My time with the Lord devoted to writing instead of reading. And then more writing and more prayer and the Sirius radio worship channel to drown out the heavily-thumping bass from the apartment below mine. The morning flew by but the time felt productive and comfortable. And other than the music, all was quiet around me.

Satisfied with my writing for the time being I moved to the bedroom to prepare for a shower. But I was yawning by that time, almost feeling ready for a nap! Half the day was already gone, my momentum on a severe downhill slide. I stretched across the still-unmade bed and opened up a game of mahjong. After a few turns at that I switched to solitaire. And then a few word search puzzles. Plus a check-in on Words with Friends. There was a warm breeze coming through the open window before me and my body was fully relaxed. My mind was completely at ease. Though I wasn’t sleepy, I also wasn’t inclined to move from that spot. I began running through the mental list of what I had planned to do today. Not a single thing had to be done immediately. All could be put off for yet another day. Sure, there’s also plenty that needs to be done around the flat, but those things also can be put off for another day. The longer I lay across the bed with the wind brushing across my face, the more I realized I was there to stay.

It’s raining now. The windows are still open and the breeze is still drifting through the screens, and I am still reclining with no plans for the rest of the night. I’ve been blog-hopping for the past few hours, feeling it a perfect day for reading but not having the attention span for long stretches of the same topic. Yet the day has been incredibly enjoyable. I’m planning to stay right here with the computer, hopping from site to site and catching up with so many of the creative people who post online. Other than occasional voices crossing the parking lot, there are no sounds but the slow and steady downpour of the rains. And I’m okay with the way this day turned out.



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