read-a-thon challenge #5 :: Reading Habits

Read-a-Thon bannerThe At Random blog hosted a challenge while I was away from the computer and only a couple of my entries were posted there in time, but I wanted to document them all here, if only for posterity. It’s a great topic!

What are your book habits?
Do you have a favorite reading chair or room?
Do you always have to hold your book/e-reader in a certain hand?
Do you crack the spines of your books?
List up to 5 habits.

And so, here are my Top 5 Reading Habits…

Habit #1  For a normal reading time, I like to lie in bed while reading — either as a waking practice or a settling-off-to-sleep practice.
Habit #2  For a prolonged reading stint, I will move from reclining on the couch with pillows from my bed, to sitting in a living room chair with feet outstretched on an ottoman, to returning to my fully made bed and stretching across the width of it on my stomach with feet hanging off the edge. Favorite time for all of these is spring and fall, when the windows can be opened to allow the outside breezes indoors.
Habit #3  I keep my books in pristine condition UNTIL I begin to read them, upon which I crack the spine and force the book to lie flat for ease of reading. I still try to keep the covers clean, but I like a book to feel comfortable and worn in my hands as I’m becoming acquainted with it.
Habit #4  My best good friend recently expressed great shock and dismay that I would actually mark up a book, but as I mentioned earlier, once I become acquainted with a book, it is no longer sacred but a very dear friend. If something strikes me in the text, I will mark it. I have no problems using a highlighter or ballpoint pen if I believe the book will remain in my library for a time, but if I simply want to make note of something from the text and don’t plan on keeping the book, then I’ll use Post-It flags to denote the passage of interest. After I complete the reading, I’ll type these passages into my blog post for that book’s review. But I always, always make some sort of marking or notation as I read through the book, just to be sure that whatever struck me in the reading is not forgotten by the end.
Habit #5  I can never, never read a book with music on in the background. I can read blogs and magazines, but never books. I like to be transported while reading, and music is always at odds with the locations in the books. Even classical music is disruptive. I can, however, plow through stories with a backdrop of white noise (cars on the nearby highway, people wandering through the parking lot outside my window, general nature sounds all around). These sounds of LIFE really do help me stay focused on the reading, as if they are part of the natural rhythm of the stories themselves.


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