spring 2011 read-a-thon :: I’m audi!

readathon-bannerForgive the dated joke, please. I’ve left my book’s characters in 1998, so it just seemed appropriate to say. 😀
As it is, this post concludes my participation in another Read-a-Thon. As I mentioned in the first post of the morning, I have an early Sunday morning commitment that requires me to be rested, so I am officially closing the book (yes, the puns keep a-comin’) on this spring event. Following are the totals for my day’s reading, and I have to say, this was my most successful yet! Thanks to all the cheerleaders and commenters who dropped by to offer encouragement, and special thanks to all the people who keep the website running and everything in order throughout the 24-hour event (and beyond!). You truly make this a community event! Looking forward to yet another glorious stretch in the fall…

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  1. I hope you enjoyed the readathon! You did an excellent job 😀


  2. stilettostorytime

    Sounds like a good read-a-thon effort to me! Way to go…enjoy that well deserved rest and we hope to see you back at the next read-a-thon!

    Stiletto Storytime


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