five minute friday :: A Few of My Favorite Things

Five Minute FridayIn the mail yesterday I got this fun little package of beauty samples from Target. They came in a cute little bag by Sonia Kashuk — adorable little bag filled with fun little treats. This kind of thing makes me very happy. They truly do bring joy to my heart, these little freebies in life. And it’s no secret that I love freebies. Or that I love stuff, in general! New stuff makes me very happy. But the stuff is not what I consider my favorite things.

Instead, it’s receiving one text after another from my nephew with updates on the opening day game being played by our favorite New York Yankees. It’s seeing the wistful look in my niece‘s eyes as she dreams of what her life could be and where it could take her. It’s the flicker of joy on the second boy‘s face as he tells me that his phone plays a Star Wars anthem whenever I call him. And it’s hearing the last boy switch up the letters of my name when he bids me farewell. “See you later, J.A.” It’s moments like these that are my favorite things.

Five Minute Friday prompts are designed by The Gypsy Mama, challenging us to “just write, and not worry. For five minutes flat. Simply stop, drop and write. Set your words free. Don’t edit them, don’t fret over them, don’t try to make them perfect.”


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