Spring Cleaning :: mapping the project

I’ve come to the week when I can no longer put off the major project that is cleaning my apartment. Though I tried doing a little just after the new year, I got no further than shifting the living room furniture and leaving all of the small items in piles on my bedroom floor. I’ve not touched it since January, and though it’s bothered me to a certain extent, I just haven’t motivated myself to tackle it all. But the time has come. For the past few weeks I’ve been making notes to myself of things I want to remember during the cleaning process — like clearing off shelves and completely removing from the apartment pieces of small furniture that just take up space. After a while I realized that all of my notes needed to be better organized or I would surely spend too much time on one small thing and never accomplish some of the larger tasks. Which would only mean I’d been looking at these issues again in a couple of months. And that I certainly don’t want.

Enter the mind map.

Phases 1 and 2 focus entirely on completing the living room shuffle and clearing out the bedroom, so my first little diagram features only the plans for those two rooms. And since they comprise the bulk of the project, it only makes sense for me to focus on them first. Otherwise, I’d just get tired of the entire process and quit before ever tackling those spaces. Not good. And so, this is where I shall be spending my first 2-3 days of the week. Feel free to stop by anytime and lend a hand!

click to enlarge
mind map created at Text2MindMap


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