five-minute friday :: On Waiting

Five Minute FridaySometimes I think I’m very good at waiting. Most times, though, I must admit that I truly stink at being patient. I wait to understand God’s path for me. That takes all kinds of courage and faith. I wait to become the woman I dream of becoming… not acknowledging that it’s all in my hands in the first place and that God is waiting for me to become that woman, as well. I wait daily to find a rhythm that seems to capture my best potential, to use my talents and my skills to their fullest. Why am I waiting?! Heaven only knows. I just wait and wait and wait, but I rarely do anything. I feel lazy, unmotivated, uninterested, and oh-so-fearful. Even though I know in my heart I’m none of those things. They are lies told to me by a fallen angel (believing himself a prince) who wants nothing more than to see me ignore the whispers of my heart — the very whispers that echo God’s desires. God wants success for me. And He wants me to step forward and take it. Maybe I’m lying to myself, as well, in that I believe I can’t see what I’m supposed to take. But I feel like I don’t know the next step, and, Father in heaven, I really want to know.

Five Minute Friday prompts are designed by The Gypsy Mama, challenging us to “just write, and not worry. For five minutes flat. Simply stop, drop and write. Set your words free. Don’t edit them, don’t fret over them, don’t try to make them perfect.” I’m still working on the “don’t edit” portion of that mandate, but I simply tweak rather than rewrite. You should try it, too. It’s liberating!


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