you know the blog’s a keeper when…

Despite my plan to give up blog reading for Lent, I have not truly committed to that particular sacrifice. Many reasons play into this, but one simple fact is that I made several sweeping announcements and failed to really commit to any of them. I can blame it on a personal funk or I can admit to not actually making it a priority, but the fact remains I have not done what I set out to do. And I will continue to address that in the coming weeks. In the meantime, though, while I have not been faithful to my commitment, I have continued reading blogs here and there, which introduced me to a few new ones.

When I stumble upon a new blog I typically read through many months of postings to see if it’s something that would inspire me long-term. I figure that previous postings are a great indicator of future posts, so I will spend half an hour or more reading through the archives to determine if it’s worth reading regularly. Some are nothing more than pretty pictures, which are inspiring but not always worthy of an RSS subscription. (Thank goodness I have finally been accepted by Pinterest! That solves the “pretty picture” element for me.) But occasionally I will come across a new blog that just speaks to me on a deeper level, where post after post seems tailor-made for me. I’ll admit that I haven’t found a great many of these type blogs lately, but this week I did. A single blog that provided so many posts of interest I couldn’t possibly read them all in one sitting. (Thank goodness, then, for Notes for Later, which allows me to email links to myself with just a single click of a button. So much simpler than bookmarking dozens of pages only to forget they exist later on!) And so, with that simple system of sending myself the links, I amassed a formidable group of reading material for a later date. Now, looking at the reading list sitting in my inbox, I have to say, this blog’s a keeper.


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