this week I love :: birthday week beginnings!

I absolutely love my birthday, and I always celebrate for at least a week, so it brings me great joy when I begin seeing the beginnings of that annual celebration. It came a bit earlier than usual this year, but man, did I need the moments of joy right at that time. Yay God! Best part of all, it looks like the days I’ve planned to drop out of routine life next week are going to be bright and shiny. I like to think that’s just for me. 😀 [I do hope the forecast changes by week’s end, though, as showers on Saturday would seriously derail the outdoor plans I have with my friend Mere!] Nonetheless, it’s beginning to look like a great week to turn four-two.

birthday week forecast

birthday freebies in the inbox!
birthday week freebies

my favorite-ly worded freebie so far… from Souper Salad. HA!
birthday freebie


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  1. YAY for sunshine and salad!! =D


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