the second boy (on his birthday)

The second boy is celebrating his birthday today. Number 11. Often with children it seems as if time is going too fast and that they shouldn’t be as old as they are, but with this boy (for me, at least) it seems he’s been with us forever. It seems he should actually be older than he is. He’s kind of an old soul. He thinks differently than most kids his age, and he’s really laid back and casual about most everything. He digs history, he loves to read and loves to know, and he really seems pretty chill most of the time. I think a big part of that is his upbringing in a very small country town where generations of his father’s family still reside, and I know that another big part is that he is his father’s son. This boy’s dad is just unhurried about life. He’s quiet and passive, not really seeing the need to waste a lot of emotion over most of life’s ridiculous happenings. And the boy got some of those qualities, as well. That’s not to say he doesn’t have a temper, because this boy has been known to explode out of the clear blue. But it’s not usually his first response to general situations… just to situations that make him feel left out or inferior. Thankfully, he’s surrounded by people who love him, so I think he knows that he’s valued in this life. Which makes my heart happy, too.

This boy and I have long bonded over reading and over Star Wars, and lately we’ve discovered that we both love capturing creative shots with a camera. We also enjoy educational adventures. Just this past November we spent the entire day before Thanksgiving at the Children’s Aquarium in Dallas, and it turned out to be the easiest period of time I’ve ever spent with one of the kids. Each of them have their own personalities, of course, but this boy and I seem to have a little more in common when it comes to activities. His love of history easily ties in with my love of museums, and my love of stories is well satiated by his love of telling stories, which could easily be classified tall tales! It’s taken us a long, long time to find our groove — mainly because we don’t see each other as often as I’d like — but it’s certainly been worth the effort. I’m excited at the possibilities for the years ahead, and I’m thrilled that one of the four grandchildren can be counted on to join me in the activities that speak to my heart.

I celebrate our family’s second boy today. He’s our Dubya, and he’s like no other.


the second boy


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