five minute friday :: back to life

On Sunday I spent a fabulous day hanging out with the last boy and enjoying a strangely spring-like day.

On Monday I surprised that boy and his brother with candy bars for Valentine’s Day that I had decided against wrapping creatively because they’re boys and they just rip off the paper without a thought, anyway.

On Tuesday I felt oddly tired and ended up heading to bed super-early to rest before a rescheduled job interview the next day.

On Wednesday I woke in the wee morning hours with what turned out to be a stomach bug. My interview had to be cancelled.

On Thursday, in the pre-dawn morning, I tried to rise from 24 straight hours of sickly stupor in which I had lain in a single position in bed. A little 7-Up and some quick biscuits finally managed to stay down, and I went right back to bed for another eighteen hours.

Today I woke just after midnight and felt a bit like I was returning from the living dead. I’ve got zero energy and seriously need a shower. What a week, indeed.

Day is Night is Day.   I can totally relate.
day is night is day

Five-Minute Friday is a weekly series by The Gypsy Mama. Check out her previous posts on her website.


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  1. Welcome back! 🙂


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