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I’ve been searching for a full-time job since last July but haven’t had even a nibble. A great friend has been doing the same thing, for a little bit longer, and we both lost our jobs from the same company, so we’ve been getting together periodically to commiserate and to share tips and secrets and fears and encouragement. She’s had nibbles, though. And part of me has wondered at her blessing. The other part of me knows that she has put in a lot more effort for a lot longer time period than me. So I didn’t actually wonder long and instead thanked God for the small gifts He’s given her to keep her morale (and her faith) intact.

Since the holidays ended I’ve become a lot more focused on The Search, and last week I had a fantastic list of opportunities to submit my application… opportunities that were not just “a job” but rather a job I might actually enjoy and, more importantly, a job that would make use of my 15 years experience in clerical fields. So I submitted to each of those with a prayer of thankfulness that the opportunities were getting better again. And I waited.

On Tuesday evening I found an email from a former co-worker (who is also a glorious woman that I adore and that I can call “friend”) asking if I’d be interested in a service opportunity for Sunday mornings at our church. Three hours to work in a kitchen environment. Three hours that begin in the just-light hours of the morning and would end just before my own worship service begins. Three hours each week with payment.

I replied to her email with, “Hmm… I don’t think that’s the best fit for me.”

The next day I woke up with only one thought on my mind. “You’re an idiot. You better go back and beg to be given that opportunity again.”

I hesitated… again. I sat down to do my morning Bible study, and I prayed that God would reveal whether this was absolutely Him speaking to me.


I knew it was. I knew I was meant to take that job. I knew that I was being offered payment for something that could easily be a volunteer position. That should be a volunteer position. It’s not difficult. It’s not skilled. It’s simply a task to be performed. And my pride got in the way.

Here’s the most ridiculous part of my saying no in the first place: this particular task is exactly what I used to do for my church on a weekly basis. In fact, it’s only 1/10 of what I used to do as a volunteer! Why in the world should I say no to that? Why do I think I’ll be seen differently? Why am I not okay with being an employee of the church again?

Boy, I can be so arrogant sometimes!

God was very clear to me during the morning hour that I worked through my study, and He was very clear to me when I bowed before Him in directed prayer. I knew I had to go back and beg to have that job. And I did, and it was still available, and my beautiful wonderful loving friend never even mentioned the first message. She’s awesome like that!

So, I have a one-day-per-week job with pay. The very next morning I got an email in response to one of the clerical positions I’d applied for over the weekend, and they wanted to interview me. My job-searching friend also forwarded a posting to me that would not only be a full-time position but that is also my greatest heart’s desire. That, my friends, is absolutely no coincidence. There’s no such thing. That is God’s reminder that when I am faithful, He reveals the many ways He’s at work. True, I don’t have either of those jobs yet, but whether they happen or not, it’s the little nibble that has been absent all these months. And I know exactly whence that blessing comes.

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  1. This is outstanding, and I think it’s so important that you took the time to listen to God’s nudging and reconsider what this opportunity might mean. Praying that these things continue to work out for you!


  2. I’m glad you were rewarded for your acceptance. It seems to be building confidence for you and that will lead to great things. Best of luck!


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