HEALTHY | January’s mid-month check-in

Although I’m a bit past the mid-month mark, I wanted to take a minute to note my progress toward the first month of this year’s goal. Most of my previous attempts to diet, to lose weight, to break bad habits have devolved into failure or boredom within the first few months of the process, but already I can see a difference in my approach. I do hope that means I’m embarking on a new and permanent journey of change. Toward that end, I spent the first full week of January developing tangible and achievable goals, as well as making copious notes about what I expect from the process and how I plan to go about making the changes. Of course, that adage about best laid plans is famous for a reason! My little area of North Texas was blanketed in snow and black ice on the first two days I had planned to kick-start the “program,” leaving me unable to visit the grocery store to stock my pantry and refrigerator. A day after that I came down with a crushing sinus infection and spent the remainder of the week curled up in bed, struggling to take a true breath. It wasn’t until this, the third week of the year that I was even able to take my first steps toward anything. But this week was truly a terrific start, and I had a couple of interesting revelations that should help me make smart choices in the months ahead.

This week’s good choices and personal successes were:

  • reading through recipes and creating a realistic menu for the rest of the month
  • creating a shopping list and sticking to it completely, adding only a couple of impulse items while inside the two grocery stores I visited
  • choosing appropriate and healthy items on impulse and not succumbing to any cravings…
  • …because I took the time to eat before heading to the stores
  • bypassing the fast food drive-thru more than a few times this week, even when I was heading home far too late to want to make dinner at home
  • actually listening to that Still Small Voice telling me what to pull out of the refrigerator to make a meal just as quick as any fast food… and far, far better tasting
  • not mainlining Coca-Cola as I usually do AND…
  • choosing water for lunch when I went out with my friend Mere AND…
  • choosing a grilled lunch item from the Mexican food restaurant, which turned out to be the most delectable Mahi tacos on white corn tortillas with a slice of avocado, pickled red onion and poblano crema, and a side of Mexican roasted corn with queso fresco. I’m certain it belongs in my Top Five Meals I’ve ever eaten.
  • And I discovered that I actually enjoy avocado when it is paired with the right flavors. I look forward to creating a few dishes now!

In the midst of my good choices there were a few moments when I didn’t care about any of it, and as I look back at the picture of these weeks so far I can see that those moments didn’t even cause a flutter in my mind. No setbacks, no guilt, no fear or worry. I’m looking at the long haul rather than thinking about the small moments. But I am conscious that this whole process is about baby steps… and I’ve taken some great baby steps this month. That alone makes it a success, no matter how the last few days turn out.


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