this week I love :: teal timmy

Though I often concede to my best good friend that everything (except life) is better with zombies, I must confess that I believe Robots Are Awesome. And I’m not the only one! Seems there’s an entire handicraft storefront over at etsy devoted solely to this belief, and I’m loving this little guy the most of all. Teal Timmy — a Grungy Bot. Just looking at him makes me very happy. 😀 And even cooler than the image itself is the fact that he’s a sculpture! He’s made from polymer clay (!!!) with beads and coil wire bringing sweet definition to his adorably awesome little self. I’m tellin’ ya… if I had any disposable income at all, Teal Timmy would already be on his way to me.

Robots, my friends, are the best kind of awesome.

image via etsy, linked to source


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  1. So much cuter than a zombie! 🙂



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